Bible to be Banned in Arizona Under State Law Forbidding Ethnic Studies

Bible to be Banned in Arizona Under State Law Forbidding Ethnic Studies

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The Arizona Book Banning and Burning Board, a division of the Arizona Dept of Education, today outlawed any teaching of, or reference to, the Bible in its schools.  

The ABBBB found both "books" of the Bible: the Old Testament and the New, in  violation of Arizona’s HB2281 (aka the Ethnic Studies Bill) by being "totally biased in favor of the Jews" and teaching the "superiority of the Jewish race."

According to the Board the book’s claim that the Jews are God’s chosen people specifically violates three of the four main prohibitions of HB2281. The Bible is A. "designed primarily for readers of a particular ethnic group" B. it "advocates ethnic solidarity instead of treating people as individuals" and C. it promotes  "resentment towards a race or class of people" in fact dozens of them: the Egyptians whom it accuses of enslaving the Jews, the Babylonians, "hairy men," "scarlet" women, the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah the Medes, the Persians, worshippers of Baal, the Philistines, the Assyrians, the Samaritans, the Hittites, and 143 other  tribes.    

The Bible does not directly violate a fourth prohibition of HB2281 banning texts that promote the overthrow of the United States government, but the ABBBB noted it frequently urges the Jews to "throw off their chains" and "free themselves from captivity" in "contentious and abusive language similar to that of black and Latino empowerment figures like Frederick Douglass, Toni Morrison and Dora the Explorer."  

It further noted that the "hero" of the New Testament, Jesus Christ, talks about "overthrowing the law" saying "I come with a sword" and uses anti-family rhetoric by urging his followers to "leave your parents and follow me."  He advocates extra-marital sex  - "love your neighbor as yourself" - and incest: "I say unto you love your brother".  He also attacks members of the financial sector doing business in Jerusalem’s temple in a manner "worthy of the anti-American anti-capitalist rabble of Occupy Wall Street."

While HB2281 deals only with issues of ethnicity not sexual orientation, the Board were unanimous that Jesus’ sexual profile – he was close to his mother, his only female friend was a prostitute, and his twelve best friends were men – make him a unacceptable role-model for pupils of any grade.  

The Chairman of the ABBBB Lulyeta Q. Kukabrskomganivicy of Tombstone, stressed that despite the ban the Bible was still infallible about abortion, communism, gun control, pot, homosexuality and illegal immigration.


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