Disrobing The Supreme Court

Disrobing The Supreme Court

We’re excited to announce the release of our newest project, a 3-part series on the Supreme Court for Howl.fm

The Final Edition immerses you in a satire of the Court’s past, present and future. Agreeing with the first Chief Justice that, “The country ought to be governed by those who own it,” we show why disempowering the downtrodden and rewarding the powerful was, is and always will be a very, very good thing.

We tackle everything SCOTUS, from its inception to its inevitable demise (yeah, GOP, we had that idea first). There’s even music. 

It’s funny, smart, biting and cruel… Just like the Supreme Court. And we’re very proud of it. 

Use this link to listen, laugh, share and repeat.

And plug in Promo Code: “MIB" for a free month trial to Howl (which is awesome)