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End of World Preacher: "The Endeavor Was Raptured"

End of World Preacher: "The Endeavor Was Raptured"

Harold Camping, the California-based preacher who is predicting that the end of the world will arrive next Saturday at 6.00 pm Pacific Time, issued a statement Tuesday that the space shuttle Endeavor was Raptured yesterday morning, shortly after lift-off. “It was snatched up bodily unto Heaven by the Lord God with all its crew,” said the Rev. Camping, “We beheld it for a while and then we beheld it not. It disappeared. That’s what happens when you’re Raptured! Alleluia!” 

Camping asked what more evidence the world needed that these were the Final Days, warning gays and “other evildoers” that a loving God will burn them in hideous torment Saturday night, instead of them wallowing in vile abominations as they usually do.

The Reverend Camping is 89.