EXCLUSIVE: Papillon II - The Prison Diary of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

EXCLUSIVE: Papillon II - The Prison Diary of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Day 1 - Monday, 16 May 2011, 11:45 PM

What an outrage! What an abomination! I, DSK, have just been brought a revolting objet which my captors have the unmitigated audacity to call food.  Non, ce n’est pas food! I shall show them. Ptui! There. I have spat out upon the floor of my cell here in this vile penal colony they call the Isle de Rikeurs the swill which I had been served. To all those with ears to hear, I now am proclaiming: “This I shall not eat! This, this…how you say…sandwich du Bologne, this grotesque travesty of the culinary art…This I refuse!”

There was a pregnant silence as the import of my courageous defiance sinks in among my unseen (but always watching) captors. And then from the cell next was coming the voice of the prisoner called “Chief,” who is saying, “Yo, Dom, they just gonna bring a moppe. You be cleanin’ up that shit yourself. Plus it’s twelve hours to breakfast, which is the same fuckin’ thing." 

Moppe? What is this moppe?

Though I am never yet having seen him, this Chief fellow, I am admiring of his spirit. He possesses the wisdom that is so typical of the oppressed proletariat for whom I have always dedicated my labors, indeed, my very existence. And like me, he is wrongly accused. The corrupt authorities are claiming that he has raped and has murdered and has dismembered his own grand mere. But all that, Chief informs me confidentially, is the shit of a bull.

He is a man of innocence, of this I am certain. I am advising Chief to despair not. I am counseling that he, like I, DSK, has presently joined the ranks of those great men and women of history who had suffered the ignominy of wrongful confinement: St. Joan, Dreyfus, Genet, the Marquis de Sade, Marie Antoinette, Papillon, Polanski. And that he must ponder that all of these had emerged from the ordeal stronger than before. Except for St. Joan, whom they burned, those perfidious Englishmen. And Marie Antoinette. In his simple yet profoundly truthful manner, Chief replied, “You runnin’ your mouth again, froggy?”

I believe I have made a friend. Yes, even in this execrable hell, I have made a friend.

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