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Facebook Loss of 6 Million Users Prompts Global Re-Positioning Campaign


In the wake of its loss of 6 million US users and possible legal action concerning privacy issues, Facebook is undertaking a massive corporate branding campaign - its first - to improve its public image. 

Publicis, the French-based global advertising company which specializes in handling ‘the impossible cases’ said the $100 million global campaign will be tightly focused on Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The idea? To cast Zuckerberg in a heroic light as the supreme role-model for the Millenial generation.

The engine of the campaign, says Publicis’ CEO Maurice Levy with typical Gallic flair “has twin turbo-changers... Two images which typificate Millenial irony and playfulness, yet each of which is most deadly serious” 

The first image draws on the central role of Facebook in the wave of revolution sweeping the Middle East. Over footage of protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Syria, we hear the words: “Inspirer of huddled masses yearning to breathe free, across the Muslim world! Hero of the Jasmine Revolution and the ARAB SPRING! Mark Zuckerberg! The greatest revolutionary since Che Guevara!”

Levy calls this core image - ironically and playfully yet with most deadly seriousness - ZUCKERBERGUEVARA

The voice-over continues: “But for the first time in human history this revolutionary hero is ALSO a capitalist hero- the inspirer of would-be titans of finance in 130 countries!  What better example of free-market capitalism than to make billions by stealing your friends’ ideas and changing the world!  MARK ZUCKERBERG - the greatest capitalist role-model since John D Rockerfeller...

Levy calls this second playfully ironic yet deadly serious core image MARK D ZUCKERFELLER.

The takeaway says Levy: Never has there been so fully integrated a global revolutionary capitalist Hero as the SOLE FOUNDER of FACEBOOK – Mark Zuckerberg!