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Fox To Air "America's Next Top Gingrich Wife"


Callista and Newt Gingrich will produce a reality show, "America's Next Top Gingrich Wife," for Fox Television this Fall. The program will highlight the Presidential candidate's political skills for decision-making, compromise, and infidelity.

Gingrich, the original Paul Ryan, is following a proven political model: make a splashy entrance, be unqualified, say irresponsible things, get a TV show, then influence the national debate without consequences. The path has been a personal and financial winner for similar political heavyweights like Sarah Palin, Mick Huckabee, and Donald Trump. 

"Reality TV is the best way to build brand awareness and thus political credibility," tweeted a Fox spokesmodel. "The Gingriches are really no different than Mama Grizz, The Donald, and the Kardashians."

Callista, Newt's current blonde wife, said they did not want Newt to be just another FoxNews talk host because of the limited earning potential. "Today's serious candidates need serious money." Mr. Gingrich interrupted, "We mean real money, like syndication and merchandising money." He then held up a Gingrich video game, lunch box, and his phone number.  

Newt and Callista, the third of his eventual six wives, came up with the idea together, and then solicited input from Mark Sanford, John Edwards, and Cindy McCain. Contestants will face a series of challenges, from keeping secrets, to poisoning Callista, making untraceable jewelry purchases, and spinning Newt's cheating and hateful politics into adorable tales of courtship. The winner gets the former Speaker's paw in marriage.

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