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GOP Says Mitt Romney Has Been President This Whole Time

GOP Says Mitt Romney Has Been President This Whole Time

Unemployment is gradually dropping, and Wall Street is raking in solid returns. This should be good political news for President Barrack Obama.

But Republicans say it's actually good news for them - because Mitt Romney has been President for the last three years.

"Barrack Obama has never been President, and everyone has always known this - and the onus is on the Democrats to prove otherwise," Speaker of the House John Boehner said.

Recent White House policies - including corporate bail-outs, strong defense policies, and a slow-down in government spending - are obviously the work of a moderate Republican, GOP sources said.

"Romney ran for President in 2008, he won, and he's been President ever since," said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

Obama's appearance in the newspapers and on televised States of the Union Addresses can be blamed on a liberal media conspiracy, according to Priebus.

"Morgan Freeman is only President in the movies," Priebus said. "In the real world - which Republicans inhabit - it's been Mitt."

Also, in a change in election strategy - which GOP leaders deny is a change - Republicans are now saying the country has been headed in the right direction, and that Romney merits a second term.

They credited his experienced business acumen with job gains, the rescue of the American auto industry, and the prevention of a catastrophic banking crash in 2009.

"This President has a list of accomplishments that any Republican leader would brag about," Speaker Boehner said. "I mean, he caught Osama bin Laden, for God’s sakes. What else do you want?

"Reelect President Romney!"


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