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Roger Ailes: UK Hacking Scandal Smears "Superb Reputation" of Fox News

Roger Ailes: UK Hacking Scandal Smears "Superb Reputation" of Fox News

In a tearful press conference Friday, Roger Ailes head of Fox News, accused the scandal-ridden UK Sunday tabloid News Of The World and its editors of “dragging the superb journalistic standards and reputation of Fox News through the mud.’

The soon-to-be-defunct News of the World is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp which also owns Fox News.

“The incredibly dedicated on-air journalists and spokesmodels of Fox News work day and night to unearth the fair and balanced truth for a discerning public” sobbed Ailes “Our brilliant commentators and opinion-makers like Hannity and O’Reilly spend weeks and months preparing interviews and editorials so that not one smidgeon of inaccuracy or overstatement will intrude into their broadcasts. Then a bunch of irresponsible socialist scumbag Brits put all that talent and hard work at risk!”

“Can you imagine anyone at Fox News invading the privacy of crime victims?” a distraught Ailes asked his listeners, “or tapping the phones of public figures and entertainers to dig out their dirty laundry? Or making unsubstantiated attacks on them? Without rigorous research? It’s an outrage what some people think passes for journalism today.”

In related developments NewsCorp Chairman Rupert Murdoch placed the blame for the long-running UK hacking scandal squarely on the News of the World’s labor unions.

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