Secret Diaries of a Terrorist

Secret Diaries of a Terrorist

Lost in the chatter about whether or not ISIS is a group of "violent extremists" or "radical Islamists" or "misguided cross-dressers" is the fact that it doesn’t matter:

They are terrorists, plain and simple.

And terrorists, no matter their cultural or religious identity, are all giant a**holes... just like every sitcom dad you know.

Watch the first episode of The Final Edition’s new Jihadistan-based sitcom, "Secret Diaries of a Terrorist."
The continuing misadventures of a misogynistic, sadistic, and violent terrorist... who can't catch a break from his nagging wives, sass-talking children, and wacky neighbors. Oh, the dysfunction!

Future episodes to include Mustafa’s terrorist neighbors: White supremacists, European nationalists, and the inventor of Clamshell packaging.