Press Highlights for The Final Edition: "Stop Talking About 'Fake News,' Says Fake-News Pioneer" “The Final Edition, a New York Times Parody From Spinal Tap Star Tony Hendra” “Rewriting the News” "Breaking: New Media-Parody Site Hits Internet" "Just Launched: The Final Edition, a Dedicated Parody of" "A New York Times Parody to Match The Onion" "The Final Edition: Hot Off the Internet Presses" "NY Times Folding? No, That's Just Tony Hendra's Fake News Site" "The Final Edition of the New York Times"

Mother Jones: Are the Yes Men Back? “Highlight of The Final Edition, a New Parody of The New York Times” "The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories" Reading While Eating for May 10 "New Newspaper Spoof Appears" (Houston Chronicle): "A New Entrant in the Humor Field" "NY Times Parody Features Death of NY Times, 2nd Avenue Subway Bike Lane" "All the News That's Fit to Spoof" "Tony Hendra, Godfather of Fake News, Launches Site" "The Onion Gets a Star-Studded New Competitor"