We welcome your submissions...

But be warned!  Unlike other joints on the Boulevard of Broken Humor Dreams, we set the bar high. In submitting content to us you run the risk of TFE’s editors sitting round our antique editorial table laughing like drains at how lame and unfunny it is and what a loser you are.  We thrive on that, because we are the cherries on the peaks of the crème de la crème, the Final Word in Funny.

And we are NOT interested in LOSER-GENERATED CONTENT.

But...if you think you can meet our impossibly high standards and we agree, we promise you wealth well within your wildest dreams, a fair deal on residual use and if you need it, professional representation. Here’s how you can become one of TFE’s charmed inner circle:


Give us heads! Your heads can be one to two lines, but no more, a maximum of 12 words. Do NOT include a story with your head. If we like your headlines and want the stories fleshed out, we’ll get back to you. If you send complete stories, we will have to discard them immediately for legal reasons. 


Have a great idea for an original piece of art or video? Send us a SHORT (2-3 sentence) description of the idea. If we’re interested, we’ll let you know. Do NOT email us finished art. We will discard any emails with attachments. No more than three concept submissions at a time, please.

What to Include in Your Submission
All submissions should include the following information:
- Submission type: Headline/Art Concept/Video Concept
- Your Name
- Your Phone Number
- Your Email Address

What NOT to Include in Your Submission
- Material that is not yours. All submissions must be original content.
- Illegal material
- Attachments. We don’t know where your files have been and we can’t take that risk.
- Everything you’ve ever written or created in your life. We don’t have the time to read it! If you exceed the maximums laid out above, we will delete the email. 

Where to Send Your Stuff:
All submissions should be emailed to submissions@thefinaledition.com. Material received at any other address will be discarded.  

And never forget: