WHAT?  The Final Edition aims to be the #1 humor experience on the Internet. Funny, smart, in-the-know. For adults of all ages. Humor that doesn’t require you to check your brain at the door. Satire of anything that could conceivably be described as news, but not necessarily what the news media  says is news. Satire with teeth. The Huffington Post on nitrous oxide.

WHY?  The supposedly coolest medium around - the Internet – is the lamest when it comes to funny. 24/7 it’s dudes clutching their testicles, cats playing piano, and toddlers channeling Charlie Sheen. But the world’s in an uproar, the planet’s melting and someone’s trying to buy your country. People want smart jokes not fart jokes. The hunger's out there. But no one’s feeding it. Humor is the glue of social networking. 90% of videos that go viral are funny.

HOW?  Humor is fastest and most powerful way for people to express how they feel. The Final Edition will provide it for them – about the events, actions, public figures and decisions they find absurd, maddening or just plain wrong. About their passions at work or play, whether it's sports, courts, exports or Linzer tortes. Humor they'll want to share because it zeroes in on what matters to them most - and to their peers.

PROOF?  The Final Edition has an unmatched humor pedigree. From The National Lampoon, SPY Magazine, The New Yorker, SNL and Monty Python to The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Spinal Tap, The Onion, and Real Time with Bill Maher, we’ve done funny. TFE will tailor smart, in-the-know humor for today’s social culture and interlocking communities of interest, by featuring the smartest up-and-coming humor writers, performers, artists and creators.